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Happy Stork Midwifery Service

Here we take a very personal approach to care. We limit our clients to be available to those we support via the phone 24/hours a day.


Birthing centers are safe and empowering. We use medical process and knowledge to effectively care and support. All necessities are available. Birthing center deliveries available for low risk pregnancies only.

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I am committed to my patient to help them achieve a healthy body and pregnancy through self promotion and educated decision making.

We care about your wishes and safety.

delivered vaginal
transferred and delivered at the hospital
mothers with 4th degree vaginal injuries
(very severe birth injury)
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people had a 3rd degree vaginal birth injury (severe injury) out of 118 (2%)
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common questions

Yes, I provide services through every stage of life in a women. Midwifery is not just about obstetrics. 

Midwives spend more time with their patient. The care is usually personalized and more holistic approach to pregnancy, labor and delivery. A Certified Nurse Midwife does not compromise in safety and is well equipped to recognize what is a low risk or a high risk pregnancy. The really big difference is how midwives approach labor and delivery compare to a family doctor or OB/GYN. CNM are using less interventions and using more of herbal, homeopathic and essential oils as an alternative to assist in labor pain and delivery. Additional midwives are trained to recognized OB emergencies and respond to assist mom and baby. Even in the hospital setting CNM are  associated with decreased intervention, decreased cesarean and operative vaginal births, and in multiparous women, and increased risk for shoulder dystocia.

What is a Midwife? – read more

Let’s start by connecting.  Please request for me to reach out to you via the form on our contact page. 

Also, review the birth agreement and services / financial agreement.  

Read Blessed Beginnings Care Center info letter.

We can discuss any questions and further details at our initial consultation. 

Many Insurance companies and sharing plans now cover all or a portion of your Birthing Center delivery. (State insurance plans do not like Medicaid.) If you have insurance that will cover midwife-attended Birthing Center birth, I will provide you with a super-bill at the end of my care (6wks pp). Your insurance may choose to cover the cost of your birth, minus any deductible, co-pay or out of plan provided deduction, but I cannot guarantee that. Hence I require payment as agreed during the pregnancy, regardless if you choose to contact your Insurance. You are responsible for all co-pays and deductibles.  If any abnormal conditions arise during the prenatal period which will lead to a termination of this agreement before 37 weeks, the fee to you and on the super-bill will be prorated based upon the length of pregnancy and service provided as follow:  


  • $ 150 Initial visit
  • $ 75 Routine prenatal visit
  • $ 150+ per limited Ultrasound
  • Labs – actual cost
  • Primary care visit $75 per visit

Yes. Please reach out to discuss in more detail about options that will fit your budget 

Reach our to me to schedule:
(586) 707-0645

Yes. I am certified OB ultrasound provider through ARMDS. I mostly provide ultrasound services in pregnancy or events connected with pregnancy. If it requires a more detail study I will help you to connect with a provider that will be able to help you. 

Yes. I believe that healthcare can be attended in multiple ways. One of those ways is through evaluation in detail your hormonal health, which can effect every aspect of life. If you seek to be pregnant or avoid pregnancy, or just to evaluation your help FEMM care can help you achieve that.

Here are a few resources I love to get you started: 

American Association of Birth Centers


All staff are NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) Certified. 

The birthing center is located 15 min away from Goshen Hospital.  We have an emergency route established with EMS.