If you have been experiences with pelvic pain, urinary stress or urge inconvenience, pain with sex or feeling that you are in pain walking, you may need a pelvic floor specialist.

I have worked with some community partners and recommended that you reach out to those practices.

Kevin Hieber at Restorative Spot


Penrose Physical Therapy


Anne Clifford

Brook Hartman RN, BSN, IBCLC

Parkview Lagrange Hospital


Lauren Dill CLC

Every Monday at Blessed Beginnings Care Center we will have a lactation consultant that offers services to help with breastfeeding and tongue eval – please ask me for more info – also offered home consultation and postpartum support.

Emily Martin 574-216-1475, Lauren Dill and Danielle Henderson 419-934-5577.

Lactation classes will be offered at Blessed Beginnings Care Center please call for dates.

Dr. Garber  (Shipshewana)


Dr. Barnes and Dr. Robin ( Millersburg and Nappanee)


Stephanie Muir ( Elkhart) 

Michelle specializes in therapy for pregnant and postpartum women who experience distressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, trauma from pregnancy/delivery, or mood disorders, all of which can occur during pregnancy and up to two years after birth.


.Charlene Rohr 

$40 for 1 hour, also takes BCBS, does appointment over the phone if unable to meet in person.

Multiple location 

Homeopathic safety in pregnancy and delivery

A Homeopathic Perspective on Pregnancy and Labor: Getting Off to a Good Start

International Cesarean Awareness Network cesarean section is the only safe possible birth for you and your baby

Evidence based practice explained and discussed in a very matter of fact way about pregnancy, birth and other womens health topics

Education on how your body changes in pregnancy and other resources about pregnancy

Herbs in pregnancy and its safety

Spinning Babies to learn about ideal baby positioning for birth. Exercises and a natural approach to pregnancy, labor and delivery. You and your baby are working together! Your job is to dilate, baby’s is to rotate. Empower yourselves with daily activities, body balancing techniques, and smart birth positions for a more comfortable, confident birth.

Dr. Rachel Poulsen (Princess City Dental Care)


Dr. Mikel Newman (Newman Family Dentistry)


Dr. Libby Thorpe (Centreville Family Dentistry)


Dr. Mahoney (Mahoney Family Dentistry)

Pamela Stearns, RN (Topeka area)


Theresa Edwards (Nappanee area)

  • 574-325-0636
  • Individualized Birthing Class
  • No need to travel, I will come to you!
  • Class fee $150
  • You will feel confident and prepped for labor


Deanna Marken, RN


Brook Hartman, RN

  • 260-463-9300
  • Parkview Lagrange Hospital – if not necessary for you to be a patient with us
  • FREE birthing classes – on Saturday only
  • Call for scheduling- RSVP needed


Kami Schwartz, Doula

  • 574-238-0489
  • Natural Birthing Class, Postpartum care Newborn Care
  • Payment $150 per 4-wk series

Whether or not to pursue a VBAC with a subsequent pregnancy is a very sensitive decision and families deserve full information about the benefits and risks of all their options, so that they can make the decision that is best for their family. VBAC is considered a good option for most people who have a scar in their uterus. There are a small number things that make a VBAC much less safe or more unsafe (contraindications). You can find good information from: and

The Association of Ontario Midwives has their clinical guidelines statement on VBAC freely available on their website as well as a really great document that’s called, for clients, Thinking about VBAC: Deciding what’s right for me. It’s a decision-making tool for people considering VBAC, and this resource is available for free in English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic and simplified Chinese.

Handout about VBAC